What Makes a Man? An ongoing series set during the first few months of the guys' partnership.  Includes "Honor," "Friendship," and "Faith." Individual stories are finished, but the series remains incomplete Prior to 7/4/99
Hostage JD is taken hostage by one of Chris's old enemies. 28K Prior to 7/4/99
Pursuit Vin and Ezra attempt to escape an angry posse. 46K Prior to 7/4/99
"Safecracker" Missing Scene Buck's real reaction to JD being stabbed. 19K Prior to 7/4/99
Revenge After the Seven have split up, they get word that JD has been killed. They return to Four Corners in search of the killer, but first they must learn to work together again. 316K Prior to 7/4/99 (finished 2/1/04)
Answers Epilogue to "Love and Honor." 12K Prior to 7/4/99
Silent Gifts Sequel to "Working Girls."  The guys deal with Christmas. 51K Prior to 7/4/99
Last Stand A gun battle goes bad. 66K Prior to 7/4/99
Home for Christmas Buck and JD have a long, cold ride between them and home. 45K 12/29/01
Risk (co-authored with Shellie) It was a dark and stormy night . . . (ATF Universe). 20K 8/21/02
Rites of Passage Chris, Buck, JD, and Ezra go after a cattle rustler. It doesn't go well. 109K 10/2/02
Brawl Yet another fight in the saloon. 8K 3/1/03
Line of Fire Yet another attempted bank robbery. 7K 3/1/03
Requiem An Easterner asks JD to guide him to the town where his uncle's legacy awaits. 40K 6/17/04
Race JD challenges Buck to a race. 12K 10/18/04

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