Date Added

Choosing the Light Epilogue to "Prisoner X". 13K Prior to 7/4/99
Disconnected Jim and Blair have a philosophical disagreement that threatens their partnership. 17K Prior to 7/4/99
Like a Bridge Sequel to "Disconnected".  Jim and Blair try to get back to Cascade. 54K Prior to 7/4/99
Beyond the Fear Blair and Jim take a hike through the jungle. 24K Prior to 7/4/99
While You Were Sleeping Blair's thoughts when he finds Jim sleeping on the couch. 11K Prior to 7/4/99
When the World Stands Still Blair gets stuck in another elevator. 19K Prior to 7/4/99
White Knight Blair has flashbacks from his Golden overdose. 48K Prior to 7/4/99
Interlude "Sentinel Too, part 1" missing scene. 33K Prior to 7/4/99
Enough Jim gets shot. 57K Prior to 7/4/99
Right Words  A "'The Sentinel' by Blair Sandburg" epilogue. 13K 7/10/99
Sleepless A missing scene for 'Sentinel Too' part two. Blair and Jim on the night after Blair's rescue. 23K 1/20/02 (originally written 2000)
Safety Blair stays with the truck. 17K 1/17/04

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