I read slash and gen both, so some of these stories are going to contain ::gasp:: m/m sexual relationships. Some of them ::double gasp:: won't. Feel free not to read anything that might bother you unduly.

January 17, 2004

Go Thy Way, Daniel, by Meg
GEN, Casey and Danny. Danny's falling and Casey's afraid. This does a lovely job of depicting Casey and Danny's friendship. It's sad but ultimately hopeful, which is exactly how I like my fic.

In Love, by Halrloprillalar
SLASH, Marcus/Oliver. Marcus is in love and doesn't know what to do about it. Sweet, funny, and maybe just a tiny bit warped.
A Nick in Time, by Tira Nog
pre-SLASH, Snape/Harry. Future fic. Harry and Snape are turned into their childhood selves. I like the glimpse into Harry and Snape's past, and the way their friendship slowly develops. Also, it has a strong, competent grown-up!Ron, which is one of my weak spots.
Transfigurations, by Resonant
SLASH, Harry/Draco. Future fic. Harry returns to Hogwarts several years after the War ended. He finds many things changed, including Draco Malfoy. I found the future shown here to be fascinating and logically developed from the canon we have so far. Also, strong, compenent grown-up!Ron, which is always of the good.

Harlequin Airs, by Ellis Ward
SLASH, Bodie/Doyle. AU. Doyle is sent undercover to work as a trapeze artist at a small circus. When he arrives, he meets the man who will be his catcher, William Bodie. This is excellently detailed, with living, breathing characters. I hated for it to be over. If you like Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Catch-Trap, you'll love this story; it's also perfectly readable as original fic if you don't know the series. So, no excuses. Go read! [Note: link fixed--sorry about that!]

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