Fandom abbreviations:
SG1 = Stargate: SG1
BR = Brimstone
M7 = The Magnificent Seven




Date Added

Revelations (SG1) Kaliope When Daniel is injured during a mission, Jack must come to grips with his feelings about the anthropologist. 40K Prior to 7/4/99
The Promise (SG1) Sapphire Waiting for a lunar eclipse, Jack and Daniel talk. 8K Prior to 7/4/99
In the Valley of the Shadow (SG1) Ellen Caldera A surprise attack and a malfunctioning Stargate leaves SG-1 stranded on an alien planet and Daniel fighting for his life. 70K Prior to 7/4/99
Habitation (SG1) Bronwyn While visiting a new planet, Daniel becomes strangely ill while the others fight to save his life. 42K Prior to 7/4/99
Sudden Stops (SG1) Shaughnessy Stargate problems send an injured Daniel through a previously unknown Gate in Tibet--along with a few Jaffa. 100K 11/27/99 
Phone Home (SG1) Shaughnessy The dullest planet the SG-1 team has seen has a little surprise for them when they get home. 127K 04/30/00 
Rosaline (BR) KayC None given. 2K Prior to 7/4/99
Dunne Gunning (M7) IceHunter A poem based on Katie's "Honor" (What Makes a Man? series) and the song "Streets of Laredo." 2K Prior to 7/4/99

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