What Makes a Man?


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 Honor Prior to 7/4/99 JD faces down a killer. 63K
 Friendship Prior to 7/4/99 Vin confronts a few ghosts from his past. 63K
 Faith Prior to 7/4/99 Buck and JD attempt to transport a prisoner to Four Corners. 174K  Finished! 8/25/02
Courage Unwritten
Loyalty Unwritten
Compassion Unwritten
Trust Unwritten
Hope Unwritten

ABOUT THE SERIES: "What Makes a Man?" is the title of an Magnificent Seven A/U (alternate universe) series that I am in the process of writing. It started as one story, but then I got the idea to write another, and another, and they all seemed to follow upon each other in a semi-logical order . Each individual story deals primarily with one or two of the seven, and is based around issues (as the titles reflect) that I see as being important to the particular guy that I'm picking on. I decided to call it an A/U because of certain logistical problems; since my stories are set during the Seven's first couple of months as a team, I didn't leave much time for them to heal from the owies I inflicted on them before they had to get back to their regular duties at CBS . So, I simply set up a slightly different time line for them. My storyline probably will work its way back to CBS's, eventually; in the mean time, I now have a perfect excuse for making up my own backstories for the guys.

Note: The stories in this series do follow a certain order, and would probably make more sense if you read them the way they are listed here, but it's up to you. I don't know when the series will be finished. I'd still love any feedback you have to give me (positive or negative is fine, as long as it's constructive; I like to learn from my mistakes as well as my successes). Comments can be made by clicking on one of the links at the bottom of this page, or at the end of any of the stories. Let me know what you think!