AUTHOR'S NOTE: Stories marked "SLASH" contain a male/male or female/female romantic and sexual relationship. If such content disturbs you or you are not legally allowed to read such stories because of your age or for any other reason, please choose non-slash stories. All stories, slash and otherwise, hover between a PG and PG-13 rating unless otherwise noted.

Fandom abbreviations:
ATS = Angel: The Series
MX = Mutant X
SPN = Supernatural 7/29/04
Grieving (ATS) Angel deals with the news of Buffy's death. 20K
Pre-slash, but the 'slash' is mostly in my mind at this point.
Black Tie Optional (ATS) Gunn and Wesley crash a party. 12K SLASH 1/17/04
A Matter of Debate (ATS) Angel and Wesley have an argument. 12K SLASH 5/31/04
The Claddagh Series (MX) A series based on Mutant X episodes and the assumption that Brennan and Jesse have more going on than we see on the screen. SLASH First two stories added 11/12/01
Knowing (MX) Jesse gets caught by a sniper. 18K SLASH 1/3/02
Integrity (MX) Jesse loses his power after being kidnapped and held captive. 67K 11/30/07
Cold (Jeremiah) Kurdy can't get warm. 6K SLASH 1/7/02
Memoria (Jeremiah) Post-"Voices in the Dark." Jeremiah, Kurdy, and Mister Smith sit around the campfire. 16K SLASH 6/17/04
Greatest of These (Jeremiah) Kurdy has seen many things, but it takes him a while to understand. 16K 10/21/04
Prelude (Jeremiah) The Western Alliance met Daniel's Army and possibly came to a truce. As Jeremiah and Kurdy wait to find out what will happen next, they rediscover each other. 24K SLASH 12/4/07
Though I Walk Through the Valley (Beastmaster) An AU set after the end of the Beastmaster series. Tao has left Xinca. Dar wants to find him before something terrible happens. 122K 2/28/03
Valley of Shadows (Beastmaster) The Apparition wants Dar to do something that will give her infinite power. She uses Tao as leverage, leaving Dar in a desperate race to save his friend's life. Originally written for a zine; timed out years ago. 92K 7/13/07
The Velveteen Rabbit (The O.C.) Seth wants to be Real. 7K
Experimental (Everwood/The O.C.) For Seth Cohen, Tahiti is a dream. For Bright Abbott, it's a consolation prize. 18KSLASH
Falling (The Forsaken) Nick is lost. Sean finds him. 20K SLASH 12/18/03
Process of Illumination (Hawaii) Danny has a lot to learn about relationships, and Chris is getting tired of waiting. 55K SLASH 12/22/04
Chains (SPN) Dean and Sam encounter a powerful being and some old memories when they try to exorcise a house with a tragic past. 42K 9/4/06
On rocks we dreamt of where we stepped (SPN) Sam has visions of his future life with Jess nearly a year after she died. 22K 4/1/07
Bearing Witness (SPN) Sam and Dean deal with a haunted antebellum house. 112K 7/12/07
Summer Job (SPN) During the summer that Dean is seventeen, he has a job as a lifeguard. Taking care of Sam may prove to be the more difficult task. 47K 9/13/08
And Miles To Go Before I Sleep (SPN) It's a dark, stormy night, and Dean is lost in the woods with two kids and a ghost. 41K 9/30/08
Decisions (Numb3rs) Don makes some decisions he'll come to regret. 13K 9/4/06
Rebound (Fastlane) The Candy Shop crew has barely recovered from their struggle at the end of the series when they're handed a new case. Deaq isn't entirely sure Van is up to it. 18K SLASH 6/1/08

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