Disclaimer: The following work of fan fiction is not intended to infringe on any copyright or to make a profit.

This vignette is based on a first season episode of Brimstone, a t.v. series on FOX; unfortunately, I don't know the name of the episode. Spoiler warnings apply.

by KayC

Rosaline watched thoughtfully as the man walked away through the shadows of the street lights. No way it could be, but. . .

With the policeman's help, she walked slowly and unsteadily to her car. "Are you sure you can drive yourself home?" he asked. "That incident in the bank was real scary, and you may be in shock. We can drive you home if you need us to."

"No, really, I'm fine. I don't have far to drive. Thanks anyway." Her body sagged into the driver's seat, and she weakly waved to the officer to let him know she was fine.

Why did she have to see that guy that opened up all the raw wounds? Rosaline slowly walked up the stairs to her lonely, drab apartment. It's been fifteen years, for God's sake. Will it never stop? When will the "moving on" part of life begin? She heated a can of soup and listlessly ate a meager dinner. TV didn't appeal; neither did reading. She wandered through the small rooms as if she would find her answer there.

"Damn it, Zeke. Why did you have to be a cop? Why did I have to love you so much that I can't get over it? Why in the hell did you have to die?" Her voice echoed in the lonely rooms. "And why, oh why can't I get over you and get on with life?" She threw herself on the sofa and sobbed uncontrollably. Tomorrow would be another day, but would the pain ever stop?