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New 10/1/08: Summer Job (SPN), And Miles To Go Before I Sleep (SPN), Rebound (Fastlane), Prelude (Jeremiah), Integrity (Mutant X)--all found on the Miscellaneous page.
The Sentinel (gen) Stargate: SG1 (gen)
The Magnificent Seven (gen) Miscellaneous Stories (gen, slash)
(Angel, Mutant X, Beastmaster, Jeremiah, The O.C., Everwood, The Forsaken, Hawaii, Supernatural, Numb3rs)
Other Authors (gen)
SG1 fic by Kaliope, Sapphire, Ellen Caldera, Bronwyn, and Shaughnessy
Brimstone fic by KayC
M7 poem by IceHunter

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Stories marked "SLASH" contain a male/male or female/female romantic and sexual relationship. If such content disturbs you or you are not legally allowed to read such stories because of your age or for any other reason, please choose non-slash stories. All stories, slash and otherwise, hover between a PG and PG-13 rating unless otherwise noted.

If you need a home for your fic (in any of the above fandoms or others), email me at  katilian [at] gmail [dot] com