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Heliopolis - The Gen Archive

I. What is Heliopolis 2?

Heliopolis 2 is a spin-off of Heliopolis: The Stargate SG-1 Fan Fiction Archive. Heliopolis 2 is designed to archive stories of an adult nature. It is a full service archive staffed by the same people as the main archive.

II. Why did you move the adult stories?

After some unpleasantness with our previous two homes, Heliopolis was moved to and registered on a server in Germany.  Although Heliopolis' new home provides us with many advantages, it does not allow adult content. After weighing in all our options, we decided to launch 2 as a separate and equal archive.

III. Where are the slash stories?

As before all slash is archived at Area 52: the HKH Standard.  We have a cooperative agreement with the slash archive.  Any slash sent to us will be forwarded to them.

IV. What about mixed stories (slash and het)?

Mixed stories can be posted here.  These stories should be properly labeled and be either primarily het or have equal time devoted. Threesomes and the like are allowed.  If the story is primarily slash, it should be sent to Area 52.

V. What kinds of stories are archived here?

Stories rated R or above (or mature for those outside of North America) that contain:

  • graphic sexual content;
  • graphic or excessive violence;
  • excessive profanity;
  • graphic rape, graphic murder or mutilation;
  • and/or other mature or adult themes such as illicit drug use, alcoholism, incest, or child abuse.

Heliopolis  2 will not post any stories that might be considered child pornography or deal with the exploitation of any minor.  This includes stories that consist of a sexual encounter between any show character and a minor (unless the story is a flashback and the show character is also a minor.)

Stories labeled adult contain primarily sexual issues.  Stories labeled mature contain violent or non-sexual themes [rape being considered an act of violence.]

VI. How can I submit a story?

Submission and category information is available on the Submissions Page.

VII. How can I find out what's new?

A mailing list exists to provide updates and information concerning both Heliopolis and Heliopolis 2.  To join simply type your email address in the form below and hit submit.  Or you can visit and search for heliopolis. Or send your email address to

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VIII. How do I go about linking to Heliopolis 2?

You may link to our homepage at without asking permission.  You may not link directly to any stories unless you are the author and the link is from your personal homepage. Exceptions can be made for pages shared by one or more authors (but not for other archives) if you contact us first. We will ask you to remove all unauthorized links.

IX. Where do I go if I have more questions?

For general questions or help email

For submissions and submission help email

For challenge questions please email

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