By My Side


For the next issue of By My Side we're looking for stories or poems that fit the following criteria:

  • Gen
  • Any fandom, from Andromeda to Zorro
  • Involves a buddy/friendship relationship
  • Focuses on established characters in a television show or movie (for example: Jim and Blair, Rick and AJ, the various members of the A-Team)
  • Contains a strong plot and/or character study
  • Avoids romance (except as a side plot), Mary/Marty Sues, and death of a main character

All stories or poems should be rated G to R. We'd prefer not to have graphic descriptions of torture, rape, etc. Stories or poems should not be net- or list-posted prior to submission and publication in By My Side. A/U's (alternate universes) are acceptable, although we'd suggest submitting a short paragraph explaining the A/U for readers who aren't familiar with it. Crossovers are also acceptable. We prefer American spelling, although British terms in British stories are acceptable.

Please note: stories should be spell-checked and proofread before submission. We do edit stories that are submitted to us; our focus is on working with the author to achieve the best story possible.

We're also looking for original artwork. Again, the focus should be on friendship between established characters.

Submission deadline: September 30, 2004

When submitting your story, please email it to We can accept various file formats, including ASCII (plain text), MSWord, and Corel 8 (and under). Before submitting, please be sure to remove any paragraph indentions and replace them with a double-space between each paragraph.

All stories and poems will be available for the author to publish on the web in one year's time from the date of zine publication. Authors who contribute stories, poems, artwork, or any combination thereof that amounts to one of our pages will receive a tribber's copy of the zine. Please send a snail mail address with your submission so we know where to send tribber's copies.

If you have any questions, please send them to