By My Side

Do you like "buddy" relationships? Is the friendship between two characters on a show the reason you tune in each week? Do you find yourself hunting for those wonderful stories that focus on the bond between Jim and Blair, Starsky and Hutch, the SG1 team, or other pairs and groups of friends?

We at Tria Demens seek to bring those stories to you through our new zine, By My Side. All of our stories find their focus in the friendship between two or more characters from a variety of shows.

UPDATE: 4/25/04

Submissions to By My Side #3 are now open. Check out the Submission guidelines using the link below.

New zines available! Check out the "Purchasing Information" link below to see what's new.


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Tria Demens are:
Wendy Myers, publisher
Sue Kelley, editor
Katie Penland, editor


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