Guidelines for the first M7 Round Robin

(please see bottom of page for instructions on emailing parts)

 Note from Angel:

Attention Robinettes (cute ain't it?)

These are the rules of the game:

1. HAVE FUN!!!!!!

2. I have no control over where you take your section of the story (there is no set storyline) so write what you want as long as you do the two following things: a. Please make sure the beginning sentence of your section ties into the ending section of the previous writer and b. Leave your section open at the end so the next writercan tie their piece to yours.

3. HAVE FUN!!!!!!

4. I plan to list the story under the name of The Mag7 Robinettes so if anyone wants their section to be attributed to them please post it in an email to me and I will see that you are given credit for your section.

5. HAVE FUN!!!!!

6. Katie is going to post the beginning section on her page and everyone can read it there, when it is your turn to write and you are finished PLEASE email your section to me in a private email (my email address it and then I will forward it to Katie to post to her page. After she has it posted everyone can read it and the next person will know it is their turn to write.

7. HAVE FUN!!!!!!

8. This is the order in which we will write:

( I just copied them down as I saw them on my mail if anyone is no longer in our mail list or if anyone has a problem with their turn email me and I will correct it.)














Marianne E.










If I have missed anyone please email and I will add your name to the List. If you have any question who is who I took the names from how you signed your emails (if you signed them, if not I used your post name).

9. Did I mention to have fun? just kiddin'

Your friend,


aka Ezra's Ebulliently Embracing Angel

Note from Katie for the round robin writers:

You're sending your part of the story to Angel, and she's sending it to me to go on my page. You'd really save me a lot of work (and make your parts go up faster, btw) if you could do a few things before you send your part:

1. If you're writing in a word processing program, then cut-and-pasting to your email program, PLEASE save your story as a text file before cut-and-pasting. This makes it easier for your email and mine to read it, and for me to convert it to html (which I have to do to put it on the page).

2. Don't use "smart quotes" (when your quotes turn up or down depending on whether it's the beginning or ending of a sentence), or any of those shortcut things that automatically put in periods, apostrophes, etc. Most email programs won't read them, and I have to go back and take out all of these weird characters before I can post the story. Basically, if it isn't on your keyboard, don't use it.

3. Don't tab or indent your paragraphs. Just double space between paragraphs, and single space within them.

Btw, don't get stressed by these instructions--if this is too complicated, just send the thing and I'll figure it out!

Katie (

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