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Would you like to submit a story to The M7 ATF Archive?

If so, you can send the story to the archivist at You must follow the submission instructions completely in order for your story to be archived.

    Submission Instructions
  • Before sending your story, make sure that you have double-spaced between all paragraphs and removed any indentions at the beginning of paragraphs.
  • If you want any special formatting (italics, bold, etc.), mark the text you want formatted with a text character (like * or //) and let me know what it stands for in your email. You can also mark scene breaks if you want me to put a divider between scenes; just let me know what you're using to mark the breaks.
  • If you choose to include a disclaimer, author's notes, or other header information in the body of your story, please place them before the title and author's name.
  • Include a header in your story with author's name, title, rating, main characters, category, summary, and author's email. If you don't want your email address attached to your story for feedback purposes, put a note to that effect, but please include your email in the header in case I need to contact you. I've included below a template for a header you can use if you wish; if you decide not to use this header, please be sure to include the information requested in some form.
  • Save your story as a text file. To save as a text file, 1) open your story in the program you typed it in. 2)Go to your 'File' menu and choose 'Save As'. 3)In the file name box, type your file name. 4)In the file type box (below the file name box), choose 'text file'. It may be called 'text only,' 'MS-DOS text,' or 'plain text'; whichever it is called, it should end in a '.txt' extension. Do not choose rich text. 5)Click on the 'Save' button or hit 'Enter'.
  • Once your file is saved, attach it to an email and put "M7 ATF ARCHIVE" in your subject line. Please include your header again in the body of the email. Email your file to Sandra at
  • Alternatively, if you have your story on another site, but would like to include it here as well, simply send me the header with the direct URL (web address) to your story, and I'll link to it.
  • TITLE:
  • LINK TO STORY: (only if you want the story linked, but not uploaded)
  • CATEGORY: (If this story is intended for the adult section of the archive, please use slash, het, or adult as your main category. For your secondary categories, you can choose from action, drama, romance, etc. If the story is intended for the gen section, you can choose any category as your main category.)
  • RATINGS: (use US movie ratings: G, PG, PG-13, etc.)
  • WARNINGS: (not required; this would include such things as 'death', 'violence', 'graphic sex', etc.)
  • SUMMARY: (not required)
  • AUTHOR'S NOTES, THANKS, ETC.: (not required)

If your story is related to a challenge, holiday, or episode, please indicate which one.

If you're not sure about available categories, episode names, etc., check out the categories page using the link at the bottom of the page or ask the archivist.

If you still have questions after reading this information, please let me know using the email link on the bottom of the page.