The poem is a combination of the song "The Streets of Laredo" and "Honor". No copyright infringement is intended or money made from the use of characters, concept, and setting from The Magnificent Seven or "The Streets of Laredo."

Dunne Gunning
by IceHunter

As I was out walking
The streets of Four Corners
I spied a young lawman
All shot full of lead

The townfolk were watching
From the safety of windows
Watching two brave women
Approach him with dread

The boy's gravely injured
Five wounds I have counted
He cannot be long for
This world, it would seem

I sighed as I entered
The Saloon for a whiskey
Another young lawmen
Lost to his brave dreams

But come the next morning
I heard with amazement
The feisty young Sheriff
Had clung to his life

Friends he had plenty
To shore up his spirit
One friend a healer
Adept with a knife.

I thought to stay handy
To see what the outcome
If justice would win out
Or just fade away

Not long did I linger
Before resolution
The Sheriff's attacker
Reentered the fray

The boy was unguarded
His friends were out hunting
For the wild desperado
Who now faced him down.

With sickbed abandoned
The boy bravely answered
But this time his gunplay
Would bring him renown

Ashen-faced from the pain
The call he did answer
To face down his demon
Or face his defeat

His hands fast as lightening
He jerked out his pistols
The villian before him
Collapsed in the street

The battle now over
I walked up beside him
I wanted the name of
A youngster so bold

So I met J.D. Dunne
On the streets of Four Corners
And in dime-novel pages
His exploits I've told.